Finally... A Hassle-Free Way To Get Lean, Strong And Fit Without Leaving Your Home In Jakarta

"Andri has been my personal trainer now for over 3 years...

"I am an ex-pat in my late 50's, living here in Jakarta with a mostly sedentary job. It was important to me to keep my fitness levels in what is quite a challenging climate.

"Andri provided me with both the motivation and the expertise necessary to enable me to workout safely and enjoyably. He is very well qualified, with a long list of International Certificates in all aspects of fitness training.

"He has an easy going nature; but still expects that you are there to push yourself and improve. His command of English is excellent which makes things much easier for people like me.

"Under his guidance, I have managed to achieve results in improved strength and agility that I never thought possible at my age. I have put on some muscle mass and look and feel much better. I now know that I can keep this level of fitness and energy for the years to come.

"So whatever your fitness goals are; If you are young or old, want to lose weight, put on some muscle or just want to feel better. I would recommend Andri to help you realise your fitness goals. The time invested will certainly be worthwhile."

- Grant Kinnear
Apartemen Plaza Senayan
Jakarta Pusat

Do you have stubborn body fat that you want to get rid of as quickly as possibe?

Are you sick and tired of losing weight... only to gain it back again faster than ever?

Would you like to get a firm, toned and well-defined body?

Do you wish you have more energy all day long?

Are you looking for fun, healthy, and stress-busting activities in Jakarta?

Would you like to look... and feel your best in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then keep reading. This will be the most important message you read today.

Here's what this is all about:

My name is Andri, I'm a certified personal trainer based in Jakarta who specializes in fat loss and functional fitness training.

My Growing List of Certifications:

Up until recently, I worked at one of the top fitness chains in the country as a personal trainer and Fitness Team Leader -- where I helped people from all walks of life to get fitter, leaner, and stronger in the most efficient way possible.

My clients include:

    • Stay-at-home moms
    • Business owners, executives, and professionals
    • Grade school, high school, and college students
    • Runners, triathletes, and martial artists
    • Law enforcement personel
    • Expats from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, France, Japan, Korea and Singapore
    • And many more.

    I also helped clients with lower back pain, knee pain, scoliosis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and those who are pregnant.

    So far, I've earned more than a dozen international-level health and fitness training qualifications, such as:

    • NASM International Certified Personal Trainer
    • FITM Certified Fitness Instructor
    • World Muay Thai Council (WMC) Personal Trainer Course Level 1 Certified
    • TRX Suspension Training Certified
    • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 & 2 Certified
    • Australian Institute of Kettlebell (AIK) Level 1 & 2 Certified
    • AIK Powerbag Training Certified
    • AIK Battling Ropes Training Certified
    • BOSU Personal Training Certification
    • Vipr Training Certified
    • Certified Sandbell Instructor
    • SMRT-Core Training Certified
    • Asia Fitness Convention (Certificate of Participation)
    • And the list is still growing.

    The reason I'm telling you all this is because I recently left the commercial gym to start a private at-home personal training service for people who live in Senayan and the surrounding areas.

    So if you live within 30 minutes drive to Senayan -- including Permata Hijau, Simprug, Pakubuwono, and other nearby neighborhoods... then I can train you at your home, apartment gym, or anywhere else that is most convenient to you.

    This way you no longer need to commute through Jakarta's smog and traffic to get to the gym.

    You Will Save Time, Enjoy More Privacy and Get a Regular Dose of Fun, Effective Workouts Specifically Tailored to You Without Leaving Your Home

    Here are a few more reasons why you'll achieve your health and fitness goals faster with a personal trainer:

    • You'll get personalized exercise and nutrition program to take you from where you are... to where you want to be in shortest time possible

    • You'll cut your learning curve in half -- master new exercises faster, safer, and easier with professional coaching and guidance

    • You'll maximize your time -- get all your workouts strategically planned and organized... so you'll get more done in one hour than what most people would do in two

    • You'll be more consistent in your training and diet -- it's a lot easier to stick to your commitments when you have someone who supports, motivates, and holds you accountable for your goals

    • And much more -- learn cutting edge training methods, easy healthy eating strategies, basic exercise and nutrition science, and get all of your fitness-related questions answered in clear, plain English

    No Equipment? No Problem!

    I understand that not everyone has the luxury of having a home gym.

    That's why I bring portable fitness tools such as resistance bands, TRX suspension trainer, kickboxing pads, agility ladder, sandbells, gliding discs, foam roller, and many more.

    So even if you don't have any exercise equipment or access to a gym, you can still get endless variety of fun, innovative, and exciting workouts such as:

    • Bodyweight exercises for muscular strength and endurance
    • Muay Thai/ boxing workout to beat stress while burning maximum calories in minimum time
    • Resistance band training for total body strength and flexibility
    • Metabolic and circuit training for rapid fat burning and toning
    • Core training for harder and stronger abs and lower back
    • Speed and agility drills to improve your athleticism, coordination and cardiovascular fitness
    • Plyometric training to develop explosive speed and power (also great for fat loss)
    • Mobility, flexibility, and muscle activation exercises to improve your movement and posture
    • And more.

    Take The First Step Now -- Get Your FREE Personal Fitness Strategy Session And Learn How To Be The Best Version of You In Shortest Time Possible

    If you have read this far, then you're pretty serious about improving your health and fitness... but you may also skeptical. After all, this is probably the first time you heard about me.

    That's why I'm offering you a chance to see for yourself if I'm really the best person to help you achieve your goals.

    Here's how it works:

    I'll give you a FREE 30-60 minutes in-person consultation -- where we'll talk about your lifestyle, aspirations and challenges in fitness. You can ask me anything about training, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

    I'll help you outline a realistic action plan and strategies to achieve your fitness goals as fast as humanly possible.

    You can choose the location as long as it's quiet enough to talk with minimal distraction. A coffee shop would be perfect, but an apartment lobby (if you live in one) works as well.

    But there's more, if we can match our schedules, you'll also get a...

    FREE Total Body Fitness Assessment

    Which includes static postural assessment... body circumference measurement... joint mobility, stability, and range of motion... and movement screening.

    This will help me to accuratey assess your fitness level, and design a safe and effective fitness training program tailored to you.

    Don't worry if you haven't exercised for a while and consider yourself a little out-of-shape, you won't do anything strenuous for this session. You might break a little sweat, but you definitely won't feel wiped out at the end.

    And There's NO Obligation

    You will not be pressured to buy anything, and there will be no hard-selling whatsoever.

    If you decide to continue training with me afterwards, then you're well on your way to get into your best shape ever.

    Otherwise, you'll still walk away with a great experience and newfound knowledge to achieve your health and fitness goals in shortest time possible... so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

    But You Need to Act Fast...

    Because I strictly limit my schedule to just 4 appoinments a day Monday through Friday, even when I can squeeze in more. Once those slots are taken, I will not accept any more client for that day. No exceptions.

    This is to make sure I stay fresh and focused for every training session, so you will get the same level of quality and attention whether you are my first, or last client of the day.

    So if you want to finally look (and feel) your best as soon as possible, then you need to sign up for your free strategy session now before somebody else take your spot.

    Schedule Your FREE, No-Obligation Fitness Strategy Session Now!

    Click on the big, happy orange sign up button below and fill out the quick registration form on the next page, I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    I will get back to you within a few hours, unless it's weekend or late night.

    Important Note: This offer opens exclusively to those who live within approximately 30 minutes drive to Senayan, Jakarta. If you're not sure whether your area is included, please feel free to ask me.

    Thanks for reading.


    Andri Djunaedi

    Andri Djunaedi

    "I can finally fit in my favorite jeans and clothes again...

    "Andri is not only my Personal Trainer but I'd rather say he is my partner. He makes me fully aware that exercise at the gym is one thing, but not less important is good eating and consistently doing exercise at home.

    "My favorite jeans and clothes can finally fit me again. Thanks Andri for helping me push my limits, for your patience, and for believing in me."

    - Rini
    Jakarta Pusat

    "Working out with Andri is always fun...

    "I am a mother of two children and have been training with Andri for the past 7 years.

    "In these years Andri has proven to be very professional in terms of keeping up with all the appointments and making sure that I am given a training program that best suits my needs.

    "Andri has always gone a step ahead of his duties and has tried keeping track of all my meals and giving me advices on how to eat healthy and improve my unhealthy habits. Our workouts are a combination of cardio, weights and Muay Thai.

    "And as I mentioned earlier, Andri can design the workout program based on your capabilities and needs. He is quick at changing the exercises straight away if I complain i am having a knee of a back pain with a certain posture.

    "He is careful and compassionate towards his clients if they are unable to perform certain tasks, yet he is smart enough to still make us do the workout some way or the other.

    "Even though I dread exercising, working out with Andri is always fun as he is open to listening to a Mother's rant about her busy day. We always end our sessions with laughter and a promise of eating healthy that night, a promise that I always break.

    "I would happily recommend Andri to anyone, be it children, women and men. All the best to him for his future endeavours."

    - Samar Hyder
    South Jakarta

    "Helped me lose almost 18 kilograms in 6 months...

    "Andri is very detailed at coaching the fundamentals and in making sure that I did every exercise with precise form, so I can safely push myself and get stronger without risking injury.

    "And the results wasn't half bad either... He helped me lose almost 18 kilograms of bodyweight (mostly fat) in a little over 6 months while still enjoying an occasional beer or two :-)

    "Highly recommended!"

    - Winzendy Tedja

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